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Top Denim Jeans

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Denim is a very important part of a wardrobe. Finding the right pair of jeans that suits your body type can be tricky and at times stressful, especially if you have a petite frame like me.

I always aim for comfort and secondly looks. Which I find going up a size makes the jeans more comfortable and not as snug on the waist and thigh area. I also have found after trying many different brands of jeans and styles of jeans, that there are some styles that suit my petite frame better and I will share that with you.

Straight leg jeans, slim straight, and mom jeans are my favorite kind of jean styles at the moment. I feel these compliment petite frames best. I find that in particular, straight leg jeans give the appearance of longer legs specially when pairing them with heels.

Also, a quick tip on finding jeans that fit you lengthwise is if you are petite bellow 5’3” take a look at straight leg jeans that are ankle length I find those fit perfect lengthwise and they do not need to be altered. Also seeing how long jeans fit on the model and taking in consideration her height which is usually on the description you can kind of guess how long it will fit your frame. For example, if on the model it fits her on the ankle or a bit above, it fits me perfectly. Hope this helps!

I will leave some links of my favorite denim as well, but don’t forget to check my Closet Essentials for great look with these top denims.

Enjoy jean shopping!

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